The Twelve Months of
I love Christmas!
And sharing it with my family and friends!
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Pat & Randy Hutchinson
The Twelve Months of Christmas came about in a strange way. In 2002, my husband, Randy and I went to Las Vegas. As we were going to the hotel, I noticed a panel truck with “Jones Christmas Shop” on it. As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I looked their number up in the phone book and gave them a call. During a break in gaming, I took some time to visit their shop. And visit the shop I did! I spent 4 hours browsing and upon leaving the store I thanked the owners and told them how much I enjoyed seeing all of their decorations.

They told me that if I liked their shop, I should go to Atlanta and visit Americas-Mart where buyers order Christmas merchandise for their stores. I made the trip to Atlanta and it was like dying and going to Heaven. While in the MeraVic Showroom, a rep got an order form out. I told her I wasn't going to order anything and that I was just looking. Apparently Lisa was an extremely good sales rep because I placed a substantial order for a non-existing business. And that is how The Twelve Months of Christmas came to be.

With my passion for Christmas and decorating, and Randy's love of construction, we have built a thriving business that brings joy not only to us but to all who enter our Christmas Store. From our first year in a 2,000 sq. ft. building to the current 13,000 sq. feet, we continually work on improving our building and the displays within. This year you will see over 50 decorated trees ranging in size from 1 ft. to 16 feet, all hand decorated by me (with a little help from Randy on the 16 footer). We even came up with a couple of very unique ideas for trees in 2014.

The Twelve Months of Christmas has become a true “family” business with my daughter Roxi attending Market with me each year. Our grand-children have decorated a couple of smaller trees and make it a full family effort each fall. Our son-in-law even pitches in by creating the Twelve Months of Christmas website and Facebook Page for me. Christmas in Bedford is truly a family affair!

Above: The Twelve Months of Christmas in Bedford and Young Patricia on Christmas Morning