Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open all year long?

It was with great excitement that we decided to be open all year long. Unfortunately, the idea was not feasible, and after July 12, 2019, we will cease our year-round adventure. We will re-open on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 for the Christmas season.

Do you have a big sale after Christmas?

Of course we do! Our sale generally runs for several days from the day after Christmas. Discounts increase but your selection decreases as the sale progresses. Because we do not stock in multiples, we strongly suggest that you get what you want as soon as you see it. We feel badly when someone waits to the end for the biggest discount and misses out on getting what they want. 

Who does all the decorating?

Pat is the one! Her passion for Christmas combined with her love of decorating drives her. Though the store could not come together without the endless energy and commitment from Randy who moves the furniture and fixtures, climbs the ladder, and makes all the seemingly impossible stuff look easy! Roxi contributes by decorating areas throughout the store as well.

Where do you find all your unique products?

Every January, Pat and Roxi attend the Buyer's Market in Atlanta. At Americas Mart, vendors from around the country and around the world have showrooms with their products on display. It is a week-long adventure of exploring to find new, unique, high-quality merchandise to share with you. Orders are placed in the showroom and scheduled for delivery throughout the year.

What was this building before?

Just before becoming The Twelve Months of Christmas, our building was the location of Kern Paper and Supply. Many years ago, it was the home of B&B Electric, a seller of appliances and other home goods. When you visit, ask to see the old photographs of the building. 

How long have you been in business?

We celebrated our first season in 2001. Our first year open, the store was located on the Square on "I" Street. When Pat was approached by someone wanting to buy that building, she was pleased to have an excuse to find something bigger! And with each passing season, more of the building space has been used... now covering all three floors.