Christmas has always been the holiday Karen Didion has treasured most in her heart, and therefore the one that she holds as a keepsake each day. It was the love of this season that inspired Karen, a self-taught artist, to plunge into the world of design in the legendary form of Santa Claus. Her career started over 25 years ago in the basement of her home creating Christmas gifts for family and friends and selling her work at craft shows. In 1996, after the hard work of her home crafts paid off with popularity, one of her designs was selected for the cover of Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Catalog. The company, Karen Didion Originals, was created. The inspiration for her one-of-a-kind Santa’s continued from her basement to a studio. So close your eyes and imagine a room filled with 25 years of collecting vintage toys, sleds, dolls, trains, jacks, marbles, books, glasses, jewelry, fabric, trims, and fur; then open them to see her beautiful Santa creations. Who can forget those magical nights hanging up garland, tinsel, and ornaments around the Christmas tree with family while the best holiday tunes are playing alongside the crackle of a warm, toasty fire? These are the kind of memories that inspire Karen and bring families and loved ones together in beautiful harmony.     Karen currently resides in the St. Louis area and is married to Rick Didion. Together, they have four children, Matt, Jennifer, Jake and Kyle. She is thankful to her family for being there with her every step of the way, helping with every aspect of her business and making it 100% family operated. Not a single design leaves KDO without being personally examined by a Didion. She considers her collectibles as pieces of art, and therefore they should be treated as such before being placed in the homes of her beloved collectors.     The Christmas season is the one that always seems to bring out what she loves most in the world: hope, joy, love, and family. These aspects make up how people come together in this blessed season, keeping spirits alive for the upcoming year. COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! Karen Didion Originals can take you there.